Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kate Anderson and the Dark Backward and Abysm of Time-Part Three

Just a quick note before diving in, we are currently #2 on Google if you type in Kate Anderson Adventures behind some travel agency. That's pretty cool, but I think we can do better. I mean, we're not even on the first couple of pages for Kate Anderson. Spread the word!

Back to the Book of the Dead.

KAatBotD was written, as the little story said, out of despair. After having the play I wrote taken out of my hands and utterly utterly mangled into unrecognizably, I needed to do something for me. In parts it's a little clunky, I'll not deny it. There are a few things that I never quite figured out out to make them work, like the sword fighting zombies. But it is absolute joy bursting out onto every page. And to this day, I am surprised it was performed. It was rejected the year before, but that was before I started having friends on the selection committee. Thanks Shay!

The name Timothy Eccles is slightly strange. In KAatBotD he is introduced as 'Timothy, never Tim' mostly because I hate it when people call me Steve. My name isn't Steve, it's Steven. Yes, it's one letter, but it's my name! And sure enough, he's never been called Tim. Eccles came from The Goon Show, many episodes of which I was listening to while writing. KAatBotD isn't really informed by The Goon Show, but some of the other things I wrote at the time were. I don't know why Eccles got the nod, he's not my favourite character, I guess it just worked.

And of course, Opal Forrester was introduced. She's probably going to come into the comic at some point. Must give her a proper story...

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