Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Very Messy Christmas

Hooray for Blackadder-ispired update titles!

Ladies and gents, I've done it again! I've gotten myself sick. D: So the grand post-Christmas update won't be as grand because some folks will be getting their presents after Christmas when I feel less contagious (the family, of course, will get theirs on time because I share everything with them *achoo*.) Nevertheless, stay tuned in for pix of prezzies.

Here's my present to anyone and everyone who looks here: A Kate Anderson Christmas.

Happy Holidays from Blue Ringed Comics!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good News Everyone!

I'm not nearly as dead as you may have thought I was.

The thing about being poor is that I haven't quite got the cash for gifts for everyone for Christmas. Being up to my eyeballs in art supplies and recently unemployed means that a lot of people are getting a Kathy-made gift. That means a lot of time spent at my work table drawing something that I can't share until AFTER Christmas. Steven is getting something made by me too! And after he gets it I'm posting oodles of pictures of it here, not to mention pix of some of the other things I'm working on too.

But my poor hand is crapping out on me! I took a couple of minutes to illustrate the pain for your perverse pleasure.

In the meantime, enjoy some scans of things I worked on at APE. <3

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

While the actual date of inception is lost to that dark backward and abysm of time, this month marks the tenth anniversary of Kate Anderson.  And I thought it appropriate to mark the day on the anniversary of Doctor Who's first transmission for without Doctor Who there would be no Kate.

Kate was created for a sketch called Doctor Who and the Spork of Death.  Mo Pease played Kate and I played the Doctor, naturally.  There was an ancient rivalry between alien races (the Sporks and the Foons), strange jokes, and very silly costumes.  Basically everything you'd expect from late 70s Doctor Who.  And there was Kate.  A wry woman in the midst of insanity.  I actually managed to find a copy of the script.  I know for a fact this wasn't the version performed, as there are a couple of jokes missing.  But it's pretty close.  It's also...very rough shall we say.  This is the first time I had really written anything.  It's very clear that I didn't know what I was doing.  But it got better.  At least, I hope it got better!

Doctor Who and the Spork of Death

(We hear the TARDIS land offstage.  Enter the DOCTOR and KATE)

DOCTOR:  Well, here we are, Pismo Beach and all the clams we can eat.

KATE:  Doctor, I hate to break it to you, but this isn’t Pismo Beach.

DOCTOR:  It isn’t?  (KATE shakes her head as he looks around)  Oh.  (pulls out a map)  I knew we should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque.

KATE:  It looks as though we’re in some sort of timeless void.

DOCTOR:  Don’t say such things.

KATE:  Why not?

DOCTOR:  I usually have trouble in timeless voids.  (he puts the map away)  My watch stops and someone always tries to kill me.


SPORK WIELDING MANIAC:  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

DOCTOR:  (consulting his watch) Right on schedule.

SPORK WIELDING MANIAC:  (con’t) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

DOCTOR: (finds that his watch has stopped)  Oh really.  Stupid piece of junk.

SPORK WIELDING MANIAC:  (con’t) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

DOCTOR:  (puts his watch away, notices that there is a SPORK WIELDING MANIAC)  Are you quite done now?

SPORK WIELDING MANIAC:  (takes a breath) aaaaaaaaaah!  (He rushes the DOCTOR and KATE.  KATE flips him over her shoulder.)

DOCTOR:  (applauding) Oh, very nicely done.

KATE:  Thank you.

DOCTOR:  Now, what about our spork wielding friend here?

KATE:  I dunno.  He looks a bit maniacal to me.

DOCTOR:  Well, anyone who wields a spork would have to be.

KATE:  Stands to reason, doesn’t it?

DOCTOR:  I suppose.  (he pulls the SPORK WIELDING MANIAC up)  Now there’s a good chap.  Tell us why you attacked us, hm?

SPORK WIELDING MANIAC:  Never!  (He stabs himself with the spork and dies)

KATE:  There’s something you don’t see every day.

DOCTOR:  What?

KATE:  Someone who attacks you with a spork and then commits suicide with it.

DOCTOR:  You haven’t traveled with me very long have you?

KATE:  No.

DOCTOR:  Well, you get used to such things after awhile, you know.  Daleks, mad scientists, spork wielding maniacs…The list goes on for miles.

KATE:  I’ll take your word for it.

DOCTOR:  Let’s go see what else is about, shall we?

(They exit.  Enter PHIPS and ZORBIDIN.)

PHIPS:  Did you see that?

ZORBIDIN:  Yes.  They materialized from nowhere in that big blue box.

PHIPS:  No, that’s run of the mill.  I meant the spork guy.

ZORBIDIN:  Oh yes.  So what?

PHIPS:  SO what, you numbskull, is that means the Sporks are gaining power again.

ZORBIDIN:  By the Great Plastic Mold in the Sky, you’re right.

PHIPS:  I always am.  Let’s go tell the Big F.


(They exit.  Reenter the DOCTOR and KATE.)

KATE:  An entire culture based on plastic cutlery?

DOCTOR:  That’s nothing.  On Earth, in California, three high school students started the First Church of the Order of Shaft.

KATE:  Shaft?  As in Richard Roundtree?

DOCTOR:  They say that cat Shaft’s one bad motha-

KATE:  Shut yo’ mouth.

DOCTOR:  Hey, I’m just talkin’ ‘bout Shaft.

KATE:  Are you done?

DOCTOR:  Erm, yeah.

KATE:  But seriously, the situation here seems very unstable.  The power struggled between the Sporks and the Foons are growing.  The Foons are in control and the Sporks want in.

DOCTOR:  Same as a thousand different planets in a thousand different times.

KATE:  But we’re here, now.  Can we leave?

DOCTOR:  Oh, but it was just getting interesting.

KATE:  But it’s dangerous.

DOCTOR:  You really haven’t been traveling with me long.

(enter PHIPS and ZORBIDIN)

PHIPS:  You will come with us.


DOCTOR:  If you don’t mind me asking, why?  (PHIPS sticks a foon under his nose)  Um, is this supposed to be threatening?

ZORBIDIN:  You mean it isn’t?

KATE:  Not really, no.

PHIPS:  That’s rather disappointing.

DOCTOR:  Yes, I can see that.  You’ve spent a lot of time and effort in an attempt to be threatening and make us come with you, and it failed.  Miserably.

PHIPS:  It’s not our fault, you see.  We’re just civil servants.  It’s not our job to threaten.  All we can do is account.  We can’t even account for ourselves.

DOCTOR:  Oh, there, there.

ZORBIDIN:  I’m Phips and he’s Zorbidin.  (PHIPS hits him on the head)  I mean, he’s Zorbidin and I’m Phips.  (PHIPS hits him again)  I mean, I’m Zorbidin and he’s Phips.

KATE:  I almost fell sorry for them.  Doctor, can we go with them?

DOCTOR:  Oh, why not?  We might even teach them to be threatening.

PHIPS:  Would you?

ZORBIDIN:  It’d be a great help.

BIG FOON:  (off) There is no need.

KATE:  And why is that?

BIG FOON:  (off) Because I am here.

(The BIG FOON enters.  He is dressed like a giant foon with a long blue cape.)

KATE:  Does anyone else find that the least bit disturbing?

PHIPS:  It grows on you.

DOCTOR:  It’d have to.

BIG FOON:  Silence!  I am the Big Foon, leader of the Foons.

KATE:  Oh, that’s inventive.

BIG FOON:  Who might you be?

DOCTOR:  We might be any number of things.

KATE:  A giant foon, for example.

DOCTOR:  As it happens, I’m the Doctor and this is my friend Kate, I believe you know Phips and Zorbidin and you said your name was the Big Foon if I recall correctly and I always do.  Except when I don’t.

KATE:  Charmed, I’m sure.

BIG FOON:  What brings you to my timeless void?

(Enter LAWYER)

LAWYER:  Excuse me a moment, sir.  (He and the BIG FOON confer in whispers and large gestures for a moment.  Exit LAWYER.)

BIG FOON:  I’ve just been informed by my lawyer that if I say another cliché, I’ll get sued.

DOCTOR:  We came here quire by accident.  Our ship doesn’t have the best navigation systems.

KATE:  That’s the understatement of the year.


BIG FOON:  You are spies of the Sporks!

DOCTOR:  You leapt to that conclusion rather quickly, didn’t you?

BIG FOON:  It was a command decision.


KATE:  Well, I assume you’re going to shoot us now?



PHIPS:  We’re going to foon you!

KATE:  That sounds a bit rude.

DOCTOR:  Not as rude as sporking.

KATE:  That’s true.

BIG FOON:  Silence!  Zorbidin, Phips, get them!

DOCTOR:  Erm. One moment please.  Just one question and you can go back to fooning us.
BIG FOON:  Sigh, what is it?

DOCTOR:  Why do you keep saying ‘Silence!’?

BIG FOON:  I’ve never really thought about it much before.  I suppose it came from my father, the Medium Foon.

ZORBIDIN:  Oh yeah, I remember him.  Great leader he was.

BIG FOON:  But who’s the greatest leader ever?

ZORBIDIN:  You are, sir.  Without a doubt.

BIG FOON:  And don’t you forget it!

KATE:  The Medium Foon?

BIG FOON: Yes.  I am the Big Foon, my father was the Medium Foon, his father was the Small Foon…

DOCTOR:  On second thought, I don’t want to know why you keep saying ‘Silence!’.  If it’s going to be as boring as this, you might as well foon us.  It’d be more humane.

KATE:  Foone.


KATE:  Foone.  Like humane.  You just add the silent ‘e’.


PHIPS:  May we continue now?

(The DOCTOR nods.  They advance on the DOCTOR and KATE.)

DOCTOR:  Now, let’s not be too hasty guys.

KATE:  Yeah, we were going to help you.

PHIPS:  But he’s the Big Foon.  Whatever he says goes.

ZORBIDIN:  If we don’t follow his orders, we’ll get fooned.

(Enter three more SPORK WIELDING MANIACS.)

DOCTOR:  Look, behind you, three spork wielding maniacs!

ZORBIDIN:  D’you think we’re going to fall for that old one?  (A SPORK WIELDING MANIAC stabs ZORBIDIN in the back.)  Arrrrg!

PHIPS:  Doctor, what are we going to do?

DOCTOR:  What a lovely change of heart.


BIG FOON:  I am slain.  {Enter LAWYER.  He whispers something in the BIG FOON’S ear and runs off.)  Oh bugger, I can’t afford that.

KATE:  Doctor, think of something!

DOCTOR:  Yes, yes, yes.  Ah, I know.  (He pulls a small cylindrical object from his pocket.)

PHIPS:  What’s that?

DOCTOR:  What?

PHIPS:  I said, what’s that.

DOCTOR:  Sonic screwdriver.  (He holds it aloft and aims it at the SPORK WIELDING MANIACS.  They yelp, drop their sporks, and run off.)

PHIPS:  I don’t understand.

KATE:  That’s hardly surprising.

DOCTOR:  Oh, quite simple, really.  The sonic screwdriver excited the atoms in the sporks, causing them to go faster, which had the side effects of heating the plastic.

PHIPS:  And they dropped them accordingly.

DOCTOR:  Precisely.

PHIPS:  There’s just one problem.

KATE:  What’s that?

PHIPS:  The Big Foon died.  There’s no one to take his place.

DOCTOR:  Well, I can think of no one more suited to the job than you.

PHIPS:  But I have no political experience.

KATE:  Which is why you’d make a great leader.

DOCTOR:  People who want to rule should by no means be the ones with power.

PHIPS:  And what of you , Doctor?  Will you help me get rid of the Sporks?

DOCTOR:  No!  Absolutely not!  That’s not the way I do things.  Anymore.  Some of my previously selves, on the other hand, would be happy to help.  Try the small Scottish one with the question mark fetish.

KATE:  Besides, have you ever looked closely at a spork and a foon?

PHIPS:  No, not really.

KATE:  They’re identical.  Just different names for the same thing.

PHIPS:  Never though of it like that before.

KATE:  Thought not.

DOCTOR:  We really should be going.

PHIPS:  Yes, of course.  Goodbye, Doctor.  Goodbye, Kate.  (he exits)

KATE:  That was so real, it was surreal.

DOCTOR: Quite.

KATE:  Can we go now?

DOCTOR:  Every time we get someplace, you always want to leave.

KATE:  That’s because weird things like this keep happening.

DOCTOR:  This?  This is nothing.  Have I ever told you about the time a group of intelligent carrots demanding unlimited rice pudding abducted my companion and nearly blew up the Fifth Galaxy?

KATE:  No.

DOCTOR:  (as they exit) Well, I was in my sixth incarnation at the time and my companion Mel was trying to get me to lose some weight…

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Kate Anderson Nobody Knows - pg 4

Last page! Yes, Tommy Chong is a student in Kate's class.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Kate Anderson Nobody Knows - pg 3

The next page. I like the jock in the last two panels of this comic; it's like he's disciplining a misbehaving cat.

I love drawing space-Kate!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Kate Anderson Nobody Knows - pg 2

Page two of the story that I wrote and Steven approved of. This was so fun to draw!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Kate Anderson Adventures #2 Now Available!

That's right, after months of waiting, it's finally here! Issue #2 features three stories: Kate Anderson in Lay Dee Odl Lay Dee Odl Lay Dee Doom, The Green Raven in Big Ralph's Big Score, and The Kate Anderson Nobody Knows. Plus an exclusive prose story found only in this issue, Thieves of Mercy!  All this for only $5!

But that's not all...

We've gone back to print on Issue #1 and printed it in a new, smaller edition to match #2. And, we've fixed all those annoying little typos that we knew you noticed!

I know what you're thinking, 'How do I obtain these slices of fried gold from Steven and Kathy?' Well, friend, wander and wonder no more. You can order right here!  Every comic comes signed by Kathy Harnack and Steven Sautter and can be personally inscribed upon request.





Tuesday, November 3, 2009

fever-induced genderbending

This came to me while I was sick and I thought it was groundbreaking. A week later I thought it was only ok. :\

Allow me to introduce Nate Anderson and Tiffany Eccles, the result of flipping the genders of Kate Anderson and Timothy Eccles. Enjoy!

The Kate Anderson Nobody Knows - pg 1

Here's page 1 of a story that Steven allowed me to write. He approved of the pitch and the script, and I felt very honored to be granted the permission to play with the inhabitants of his universe for a bit.

The title is an homage to the classic Batman story that this Kate adventure is based on.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Kathy’s Post-APE Rundown [PICTURES!!!]

This was my first time ever going to APE and it was at once just like and totally different from other cons I’d been to before. Spending the weekend in the company of people with interests and goals similar to mine is really inspiring.Walking around the convention space was thrilling all by itself.

What was different was the emphasis not on established artists, but on the little guy trying to put his name out there. There was a sense of community support at APE that wasn’t quite the sense of unity I’ve experienced at other cons. It made me feel all warm and squishy inside.

Our table was just that: a bare-bones table! At Fanime we get the luxury of a clean, white, plastic table with a blue cloth skirt. No such frills at APE. Our table was wooden and worn in some spots such that it was splintery. Using quick thinking and cash, Steven dashed off early on and found a tablecloth at a nearby REI. Since the red gingham didn’t really connote the spirit of Blue Ringed Comics, we flipped it over to the white underbelly. In some pictures, you can see the checkered fringe.

A few spelling errors later on the signs and we were in business! The table was set up, the fliers were out, the candy enticed, and I got to work on making some artist trading cards. (I didn’t end up trading with anybody, actually. But I did give them away.)

We talked to many people who were very kind and we recited our sales pitch many a time over. Sometimes our efforts were successful and we’d make a sale, other times the visitor walked away with a flier and a pixie stick. Archie the octopus sure attracted a lot of attention! Steven likes to perch him on his shoulder.

As my understanding goes, Tim Schafer was at APE promoting Brütal Legend.Since I’ve only ever seen one old photo of him courtesy of Yahtzee’s review of Psychonauts, I’m not entirely sure which one he is in this photo. I’m guessing he’s the gentlemen sitting down signing something. Kind of wish I’d done some planning because I would have brought him my copy of Psychonauts to sign.

And it isn't a con until there's a collab! My kind nieghbor Chris Matley of Two Skulls Studio drew lineart of a sexy woman stabbinating a tentacle monster. Since I'd dragged along every Prismacolor and Copic marker I had, he asked me to color. So there it is!

Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Doom - pg 12 + 13

Last two pages of Lay Dee Odle.

Well, late again. Got a good excuse for you: since I had an unseasonable flu, SF Chronicle thinks it was H1N1. That's right, the dreaded swine flu. I feel I have accomplished something. No really, I'm super proud.

But after the flu, I spent two days feeling better, but then got hit with just a plain ol' cold. No fever, no aches, nothing bad, just cough cough cough cough cough cough cough. Irritating, persistent cough. And tired. Very tired. Tired of being sick, really.

Thing is, I haven't been sick in years. I figured I owed a lot of interest. :\

So everyone! Take extra-super care of yourselves! Take your multivitamins, and your zinc, and your vitamin c, eat healthy, wash your hands, go to bed at a reasonable hour, etc. etc. etc. We need you good and healthy so you can buy our comics!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Doom - pg 10+11

Two pages of Lay Dee Odle since I missed the update on Tuesday. I caught a cold/flu. Caught it with my face. :\

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Enjoy a couple of photos from APE. And if you're just joining us, welcome!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Doom - pg 9

Eek! Another day with a late comic! Hope you can forgive me, I was too busy getting ready for APE! Check it out, show up, visit us, buy our comic, have fun!

Shout out to Robot 6! APE on the loose!

Hey, if you're here from Robot 6 welcome! For those that don't know, we had a little blurb in a Robot 6 APE roundup today. Cool stuff!

We're going to be at booth #561 all weekend. Drop by, say hi, and buy our comics!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Doom - pg 8

Poor Timothy in panel 3! Good thing that's a sturdy goat.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Doom - pg 6

Whoops! A day late in the update. Look for an update tomorrow, though.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Width of a Circle

Yes, I've been very quiet. Sorry, running around like a chicken with bits cut off. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass last weekend, Portland next and of course there is the omnipresent lead up to APE. Here, enjoy a story I wrote a little while ago featuring Gwendolyn Anderson, Kate's great-grandaunt.

Width of a Circle

The aspect of her chosen profession that Gwendolyn Anderson enjoyed the least was exposing the frauds. Not that she liked or approved of the frauds, far from it. For a start, it was tedious. More importantly, the crushing of hope in the scammer’s victims was sometimes unbearable. Was it better to live in the stark light of truth than in the murky mists of ignorance? Yes, of course. It had to be. Otherwise, what would be the point?

She walked up the five shallow steps to the front door of 127 Shadwell Street and rapped the doorknocker once. Almost instantly, a bespectacled butler opened the door. He peered at her and presented a small silver tray. Without a word, Gwendolyn placed her card upon it. The butler led her into a small receiving room while he went off in search of his master.

The room was filled with ferrotypes that had been fashionable a decade or so previously. They all showed of the day posing with the same weasel faced little man.

‘You are admiring the ferrotypes, I see.’ Gwendolyn turned to see the weasel faced man enter the room. ‘Yes, I have done readings for many people. Look, here is Charlotte Ellison. And there, Randolph Henry Ash, splendid fellow. And Hamilton Slade,’ he pointed each of them in turn.

‘You are Robert Emil, then?’ Gwendolyn asked, knowing full well the answer he would give.

‘I am he, dear lady. You have come for the séance.’ It was not a question.

She answered yes and followed him to another room, windowless yet swathed with drapes. Two elderly women and a middle aged man were already sat around a round table in the middle of the room, the only piece of furniture in it. Gwendolyn sat down and looked at the other people at the table. The man had a long nose and piercing gray eyes. His hair, though graying at the temples, fell back in ringlets down past his neck. The women were unremarkable, but chatted amicably between each other.

Gwendolyn leant over and introduced herself to the gentleman. He smiled and said hello but did not give his name. ‘I lost my memory,’ he said offhandedly. ‘It was suggested to me that someone “out there” might know me.’ At this he gestured to the open air with a conjurer’s flourish. ‘All nonsense, of course, but it can’t do any harm.’

Emil took his seat and motioned for everyone to take hands. ‘While Mrs. Runcible and Mrs. Sloat have been here many times, this is the first visit for our other guests. Let me explain what shall happen, I am about to make contact with the spirit world and shall be set upon by those who have passed on. I beg of you, do not be alarmed! They shall not harm you. These spirits are benevolent and wish only talk to us.’

And he began to chant, a wordless hypnotic droning. After several moments of this, he opened his eyes, which were rolled back into his head leaving only the whites. ‘Spirits? Are you there?’ There was a slight pause and then a mysterious knocking.

Oh no, thought Gwendolyn, not a table knocker. She took a quick look at Emil, but he had his feet firmly on the ground. She looked around the table; the pepperpots were enthralled but the steel eyed man was clearly bored. ‘A table knocker,’ he mouthed to her. She shrugged and nodded back at him.

‘Mr. Runcible?’ There was another knock.

‘Ask him if he’s well,’ said Mrs. Runcible.

‘Mr. Runcible, are you well?’ KNOCK

‘Ask him if he’s had his vegetables,’ Mrs. Runcible said.

‘Mr. Runcible, have you had your vegetables?’ KNOCK KNOCK

‘Now, Geoffrey, you know you’re supposed to have your vegetables. Just because you’ve passed to the other side-’ KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK

‘What do three knocks mean?’ Gwendolyn asked.

‘I fear Mr. Runcible has passed outside of our purview for the moment,’ Emil said quickly. ‘But I do sense another presence.’

‘Is it my Arthur?’ asked Mrs. Sloat. KNOCK

‘Nooo, no.’ There was an element of panic Emil’s voice. ‘Do any of you know McIntosh? Hob-no-Robert McIntosh? ’

‘No,’ said Gwendolyn.

‘I might do. I don’t know,’ the gray eyed man sighed.

‘He says-he says to-’ KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK

‘He says to knock?’ The gray eyed man stood up from the table. ‘I’ve had rather enough of this.’ KNOCK

‘I quite agree,’ Gwendolyn stood next to him. ‘The link is broken and there’s still-’ KNOCK ‘Still knocking. The “spirits” aren’t doing this. Shall we go upstairs and see what is?’

‘After you’, the man gestured towards the door.

‘No, you can’t,’ Emil cried.

Gwendolyn and her companion raced up the stairs, the tails of his coat flapping behind him. Emil followed them, yelling at that and threatening police action. All the while, the knocking grew louder.

They reached the top of the stairs. Gwendolyn paused before the door where the knocking seemed to be originating. ‘Ready?’

‘I was loomed ready,’ the man smiled his mysterious smile at her. For an instant Gwendolyn saw something behind his eyes, as if he realized that he, himself, didn’t understand what he just said.

Gwendolyn turned the handle and the door open wide, prepared to take on anything.

‘It’s a pony,’ said the man.

‘Yes,’ said Gwendolyn.

‘Forgive me, my memory again, but that’s not normal is it?’ he asked.

‘No,’ said Gwendolyn, again.

‘Thought not,’ the man said and miraculously pulled a sugar cube out of his pocket to present to the pony.

Emil came spluttering into the room. ‘Hillary!’

‘Is fine. Perhaps you might explain why there’s a pony in your bedroom?’ Gwendolyn asked.

‘I don’t have to tell you anything,’ Emil crossed his arms. ‘What a gentleman does behind closed doors is his own prerogative.’

‘Oh,’ said Gwendolyn before the implications set in. ‘Ohhh.’

The man giggled. Both Emil and Gwendolyn shot daggers at him. ‘Sorry, Hillary was eating a sugar cube off my hand and it tickled,’ he said sheepishly.

‘You hussy!’ Emil screamed at his pony and ran out the door, sobbing all the way.

Gwendolyn placed a hand on the strange man’s shoulder. ‘I’m sorry you didn’t find what you were looking for. I knew before I came here that he was a fraud.’

‘So did I,’ he said after a moment. He walked away, letting her hand fall. ‘You’ll contact the proper authorities, I trust?’

‘Of course.’

‘Good,’ he said. He walked out the door, leaving Gwendolyn alone with the pony. The pony eyed her wearily. Gwendolyn did the same. ‘How do we get you out of here?’

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Doom - pg 5

Pretty girls aren't normally my forte, but Steven seemed impressed. :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Doom - pg 3

Page 3.

Why with a car like that, Kate and Timothy could easily drive to the North Pole.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Helping Senior Citizens With All Their Comics Needs Since 2009

Our Seller's Permit for APE showed up today. This means we are Official! Unfortunately they misspelled our name. Instead of Blue Ringed Comics, according to the State of California we are Blue Rinsed Comics. I can just see it now: special comics geared to the elderly, maybe we could get the license to Diagnosis: Murder. Of course we'd offer a senior discount. Clearly, this is what we were meant to do.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sloane ATC

So on the same day I saved moolah at the local Aaron Bros. I also found a pack of blank artist trading cards (ATC). Since they've been floating temptingly around deviantART, I decided I'd give it a go.

The first of the Kate Anderson characters I decided to put on an ATC was.... Sloane! Because he's so sexy....? @_@ Don't really know why, but drawing him first just seemed right. The cute lemur might have had something to do with it. I've decided that Sloane would name him Julian. And then crown him king.

The original is quite small: 2.5" x 3.5". It is Copic pens and Prismacolor markers on bristol board.

Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Doom - pg 2

The second page of the next Kate adventure. I love drawing new outfits for Kate and Timothy.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yaaar, Woooorf, Suuuulu

Well, it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day. While I refuse to be told to talk like a pirate, I will drink like one. While I try and drink my body mass worth of rum, enjoy some dialogue and a song I wrote for three nerd pirates in Mothman and Chrysalis.

PIRATE 1: Yaaar!

PIRATE 2: Wooorf!

PIRATE 3: Suluuu!

PIRATE 1: What be you doing?

PIRATE 2: I thought we were namin’ security chiefs o’ th’ Enterprise.

PIRATE 1: Sulu wasn’t security chief o’ th’ Enterprise.

PIRATE 3: In ‘Mirror, Mirror’ he was.

PIRATE 2: Aye, but that was in a parallel universe.

PIRATE 3: How about Chekov? Chekov was th’ security chief in th’ first six Star Trek movies.

PIRATE 1: Not in Star Trek 2 though.

PIRATE 3: Not in Star Trek 2, yeah. But th’ rest…

(Sung by three pirates in four part harmony)

It’s hard to be a pirate in this day and age
But da’ nine t’ five grind feels like we trapped in a cage
So we quit our jobs at th’ local Target
And bought these new clothes from a costume set

We were pirates
We were mean
We were vicious and cruel
But da’ biggest body of water we could find was a pool

Forsakin’ the high seas, we turned to crime
Drinkin’ Coronas with tiny slices o’ lime
We spend our days lookin’ for booty
And once we find our treasure, we’ll look for some cuties

Oh, yeah.

All th’ pirates in th’ house go, “Rrrr.”

So here we end our tale o’ woe and tragedy
How we ditched our jobs and turned t’ piracy
But enough o’ this rap, ‘tis getting hard to rhyme
We’re gonna stop it now because it’s time…to steal


Peace Out

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Odle Lay Dee Doom - pg 1

Here's the first page in a new adventure starring Kate, with Timothy. He seems to be pretty cranky right now. You'll have to wait until the next update to find out more!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Green Raven, page 5

The thrilling conclusion of the Green Raven comic!

Tune in on Thursday for the start of a new adventure.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sale at Aaron Bros!

Thanks to the Wise and All-Knowing Steven, I scored some great deals at the local Aaron Brothers!  He let me know that they're having a sale on all kinds of art supplies, among them Prismacolor markers which I use.  I got 10 individual markers, mostly pastels - which I have a hard time finding.  

I also picked up a pad of Bristol board, which will be on the receiving end of the markers I got. Thanks to Steven letting me know about the sale, I saved 40% off the markers and
 50% off the paper.  I saved $20.30!  Thank 
you Steven! <3

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Green Raven, page 4

Ever the resourceful fellow, The Green Raven finds his way out of trouble!