Friday, October 30, 2009

Kathy’s Post-APE Rundown [PICTURES!!!]

This was my first time ever going to APE and it was at once just like and totally different from other cons I’d been to before. Spending the weekend in the company of people with interests and goals similar to mine is really inspiring.Walking around the convention space was thrilling all by itself.

What was different was the emphasis not on established artists, but on the little guy trying to put his name out there. There was a sense of community support at APE that wasn’t quite the sense of unity I’ve experienced at other cons. It made me feel all warm and squishy inside.

Our table was just that: a bare-bones table! At Fanime we get the luxury of a clean, white, plastic table with a blue cloth skirt. No such frills at APE. Our table was wooden and worn in some spots such that it was splintery. Using quick thinking and cash, Steven dashed off early on and found a tablecloth at a nearby REI. Since the red gingham didn’t really connote the spirit of Blue Ringed Comics, we flipped it over to the white underbelly. In some pictures, you can see the checkered fringe.

A few spelling errors later on the signs and we were in business! The table was set up, the fliers were out, the candy enticed, and I got to work on making some artist trading cards. (I didn’t end up trading with anybody, actually. But I did give them away.)

We talked to many people who were very kind and we recited our sales pitch many a time over. Sometimes our efforts were successful and we’d make a sale, other times the visitor walked away with a flier and a pixie stick. Archie the octopus sure attracted a lot of attention! Steven likes to perch him on his shoulder.

As my understanding goes, Tim Schafer was at APE promoting Brütal Legend.Since I’ve only ever seen one old photo of him courtesy of Yahtzee’s review of Psychonauts, I’m not entirely sure which one he is in this photo. I’m guessing he’s the gentlemen sitting down signing something. Kind of wish I’d done some planning because I would have brought him my copy of Psychonauts to sign.

And it isn't a con until there's a collab! My kind nieghbor Chris Matley of Two Skulls Studio drew lineart of a sexy woman stabbinating a tentacle monster. Since I'd dragged along every Prismacolor and Copic marker I had, he asked me to color. So there it is!